Thursday, August 22, 2013

What Photographer's want you to know!

1: Most of us really love the arts! We thoroughly enjoy being able to portray human emotion through photographs.
2. We are not some freaks with cameras running around.
3. As most of the general public may assume that we're uneducated and decided to choose photography as a profession. A good percentage of us are not. I for example have multiple degrees. My primary career is in medicine, my secondary degree is in Fine Arts. Does that make me any less or more of a photographer? Absolutely not. If anything, it makes me quite fond of humans and emotions.
4." We are poor and will work for peanuts."   False....Again, most of us have educations and quite successful careers. We make great money and because of this, it allows us to pursue our! Do we try to explain this to our clients? Absolutely not.. Does this mean that I will work for nothing? It all really depends. I have done 10 hour weddings for under minimum wage (this doesn't happen very often).
5. So you think you hired me for 6 hours and I took 300 pictures? Truth is, your 6 hours is really 10 and your 300 pictures are really 800. We don't just snap photos and call it a day. We strategically place, we observe lighting, replace and add lighting, contrast colors. We work within our elements and try our best to be as creative as possible with in our means. When we go home, we upload your photos and edit, edit, edit, and edit some more! Sure, our creativity is with the people and scenery we are working with at that time, but our creativity also lies in editing. We want you to feel what we felt at that moment. What kind of human emotion can we express? So we sift through your 800 taken photos. We eliminate duplicates and become highly critical of each and every individual photo we've taken. Lines, expressions, contrasts, shadows etc. We pick the very best of the very best and decide to edit them. We crop, tweak, add, delete, thin out, blur out, add light, add dark..etc. So your 6 hours hired, is now 10 hours.
6. We're not too fond of numbers! You ask us how much and how many and a good photographer usually can't give a definite answer. We'll ask "how many do you want?". Truth is: we may take 1000 pictures and only come up with 200 really great pictures, edited. You may be super photogenic and out of the 1000, we may come up with 800 really great photos! We don't want you pissed because you have a funny expression on your face!
7. We want you to hire us because we're creative, because what you see in our portfolios, is what we see too!
8.We're all not stuffy! Now, I've worked side by side with plenty of mutant like photographers. Ya, ummmm..we're all not like this! I'm a spunky, in your face type of gal that loves to laugh! 
9. I am human too
10. We aim to please and want to capture what you want us to, but we also have some awesome ideas too regarding your wedding, event etc.

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